About Us

Learn more about us in our video made before upgrading our fleet to Starboard …

Our studio is made of water, yet the experience you will have here is anything but watered down or saturated.

We are the only floating studio in Southern California on a protected body of water, making it a unique space with ideal conditions for practicing paddle yoga. We limit our classes our classes to six students and provide them with premier Starboard paddle equipment specifically designed for yoga on the water to balance and stretch out their asanas. All levels are welcome as our classes are designed to meet any level of fitness from beginners to more experienced paddlers as well as first time yogis or regular practitioners. The only prerequisite is that you can swim. Our instructors have top level certification, and your enjoyment and safety are our top priority.

At SoCal Paddle Yoga, it’s not just a class; it’s a personal experience outside your typical studio to release, relax, restore, and renew.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is the fastest growing water sport in the world because it is accessible to everyone with an extremely low barrier to entry, unlike surfing which is physically challenging and intimidating to most people. The learning curve for SUP is extremely short. Within minutes you will be having fun, escaping from the modern monkey mind as you are submersed in nature and the elements, and all the while benefiting from an incredible workout. SUP Yoga is the hybrid of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and Yoga. With a paddle board as a platform for yoga in the great outdoors, you will take your practice to a different level and your mind to a place of peace and the present moment.

With SUP Yoga you have to be much more present than with traditional yoga or else you may end up in the water. That’s what makes it so fun and effective. We’re not saying that the water is a bad place to end up in, but it certainly adds an element that a sweaty mat on a floor cannot provide.

SoCal Paddle Yoga is dedicated to providing all of our students with premier equipment for use in our classes and that why we’ve chosen Starboard SUP to outfit our studio. Our fleet of boards consists of the Starboard Astro Yoga Crossover.  At 11’2”x32”, the Crossover is specifically designed and shaped for fitness and yoga on the water to give you the ultimate balance and stability for holding and transitioning through poses, along with a full length deck pad so you can stretch out your asanas with more gripping and less slipping.

With the stability of the paddle board on top of the subtle movements of the water beneath you, you can feel as grounded and connected to the water as you do the earth in your yoga practice and fitness exercises.

SoCal Paddle Yoga is privileged to have the exclusive rights as the only floating studio on Lake Mission Viejo located in Orange County, California, with ideal conditions for yoga and fitness on water.  Since the lake is an enclosed body of water, the water is very calm and flat, there is no current or tide, and it is much warmer than the open ocean water. Also, the sun breaks earlier at the lake than it does at the beach, so it’s never too cold to get out on the water in the morning.  There are a lot more obstacles and challenges in the ocean, with surfers and large boats, as well as the current, waves, wildlife, and the chance of getting your fin caught in seaweed.  Lake Mission Viejo allows for a beautiful place to practice yoga on the water in the SoCal sun.

An outdoor studio a mile long and classes limited to six students, it’s the perfect place to paddle, practice and play!