Kelly is an international SUP Yoga instructor based in Southern California, USA.  She founded SoCal Paddle Yoga, a floating yoga studio, in 2014, close to home on Lake Mission Viejo in Orange County, California. In the summer months, Kelly operates SoCal Paddle Yoga and teaches SUP Yoga classes on the lake. During the off-season, Kelly teaches Yoga, Kid's Yoga, SUP and SUP Yoga in Southern California and in many Southeast Asia countries including Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand. Kelly is passionate about increasing the presence and popularity of SUP Yoga around the world in adults and especially in younger generations. 

Kelly's teaching certifications include: Yoga, Kid's Yoga, SUP and SUP Yoga. She is also certified in First Aid, CPR and AED for infants and adults. Kelly is a Starboard SUP Team Rider / Global Yoga Ambassador.

Paddle Equipment

We want our students to have the most enjoyable experience possible, so we provide everyone with premier Starboard paddle equipment to use in our classes. The Starboard brand represents the highest standards in design across a range of boards that fit every discipline of stand up paddle boarding. Starboard sets the standard in innovation and quality years ahead of the competition.

Our class fleet of boards consists of the Starboard Astro Yoga Crossover.  At 11’2” long and 32” wide, the Crossover is specifically designed and shaped for fitness and yoga on the water to give you the ultimate balance and stability for holding and transitioning through poses, along with a full length deck pad so you can stretch out your asanas with more gripping and less slipping.

Floating Studio Location

SoCal Paddle Yoga is privileged to have the exclusive rights as the only floating studio on Lake Mission Viejo located in Orange County, California. Not only are we the only floating studio on Lake Mission Viejo, but we are also the only floating studio in all of Southern California on a protected body of water, making it a unique space with ideal conditions for practicing paddle yoga.

Lake Mission Viejo is a private member lake. A class reservation allows non-members access to the lake for class time only. Please respect the rules and regulations of Lake Mission Viejo. Failure to comply could result in termination of allowing non-members to attend our classes.