Our GROUP CLASSES are designed to meet any level of fitness or experience when it comes to Paddle or Yoga - or both! We limit each class to 10 students to give every one the attention they require and deserve on the water. Swimming is a prerequisite for all classes and the minimum age requirement for a group class is 12 years old. Group classes are 75 minutes.



Paddle Yoga begins on the sand where we teach the basics of paddle technique before we head out on the water together. After we paddle out, the yoga portion begins with gentle stretches in seated postures, on hands and knees, and on our backs because the more body parts that are in contact with the board and the closer we keep our body weight to the water, the more balanced we feel. The flow will incorporate standing poses to offer a bit more challenge and to improve our balance, strength and alignment. More advanced poses are at the instructor’s discretion. You will soak in the benefits of your practice in reclined postures and end in a sweet Savasana submersed in nature. All levels welcome. Duration 75 minutes.


Paddle Pilates will strengthen and sculpt your muscles and tone your core!  When simply standing on a paddle board in water, your abdominal muscles instantly become activated to keep you balanced and your core is engaged the entire time. When doing fitness exercises on a paddle board, you are moving with more control and muscle as opposed to momentum, resulting in a more intensified workout and greater core awareness. If you've never paddled before, we will teach you how to paddle before we head out on the water together. After pilates on a paddle board, you will have comfort and confidence in moving around on the board and stand up paddling will be a breeze! All levels welcome. Duration 75 minutes.


Sunset Flow is a moving meditation on water. We begin with guided breath work and a series of restorative postures to bring you into your body and out of the day. You will be taken through a series of simple poses while linking the breath to your movements.  With every inhale you will feel longer and with every exhale you will find yourself deeper in the pose. In the final relaxation portion of the class, you will soak in the benefits of your practice in more reclined postures.  By the time we lie down on our boards for a sweet Savasana submersed in nature, the sun is also making its way to rest as it sets for the night.  This class is sure to relax your body and your mind. All levels welcome. Duration 75 minutes.


$49 Single Class with Board Rental

We provide you with a board suitable for yoga, a paddle sized just for you, an anchor and 75 minutes of class instruction.

$29 Single Class BYOBoard

Bring your own board and paddle. We will provide you with an anchor and 75 minutes of class instruction.

An online reservation is required due to the limited class size.